SWF: A World Apart

Aries' Journal
1st Entry

Aries’ Journal

First Entry

I have never endured more than I have these past few days. I’ve beaten and have been beaten by countless men and women. I have survived fires, sand storms, and the attacks of monstrous beasts – Okay maybe just one monstrous beast. But those things fail in comparison to venturing out into the desert on behalf of some pompous magician with 5 other individuals with little more sustenance than jerky, whiskey, tonic, and grit.

Rather than packing water for hydration, I filled my skins with the usual fare. You can see my first mistake. It was grueling, but I endured.

Then we reached the ravine. The very body for which we acquired a glider just to cross. Even at its shortest width, it spanned several horses in distance. So one by one we used the glider to cross the ravine. I do not know where Glomey learned to use the device, but he (she? I cannot tell goblins apart) was born with a gift. Fortunately, one of our gang was able to fish the thing back and forth so we can all cross. Personally, I don’t know how the lizard-thing was able to cross. What was his name? (her? I don’t know. The lack of tits is throwing me off) Ssill… Ssillic.. Ssillson… I don’t know, it sounded like a lot of hisses to me. Anyway.

We all managed to cross and put some distance behind us before night fall. Then came the worst part. We found a shelter for the night, but a lot of good that did. No bed roll and no blankets made for a cold Aries. According to the others, it was unnaturally cold. It was just rutting freezing to me.

Once we were awake we continued on to a nearby oasis were I finally managed to refresh myself until we found out that some Gnolls were nearby. Of course old green-face had to go check it out. What am I? A rogue or something? Turns out those Gnolls were dug in. Nomads looking for a place to call home I suspect. But Glomey insisted we try the diplomatic way first. Suits me.

One of us got the idea (the quiet one I think), to bring the chief some meat. So a hunting we went. I don’t know what kind of oasis this is, but we found another lizard thing not unlike the flying-hisser in our group. I tried my best to subdue it the only way I knew how, but it eventually was killed by one of its own.

So here I am writing this while the others prepare a carrier for it to bring it to the chief. Sod this business. When I get back, I’m going to have a nice hot toddy and leave this adventuring thing to the crazies.

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