Cities and Locations

The Capitol City: Karnos

What was once a humble plateau refuge from the arid expanse of Eerue’s Breath, has now become a sprawling cityscape of both luxury and poverty. The city of Karnos is built upon and around a desert plateau near the ocean and a river delta. The location was designated many centuries ago as a perfect place for civilization to form, because the cave system within the large rock formation housed an access point to a massive underground spring. The city spread from the top of the rock to the ledges surrounding it, and wider still until reaching the ocean’s coast where a large port has been built for trading.

  • The Portcullis
    The plateau that Karnos is built on and around houses a cave system. This has a few smaller access points that have been sealed up, but the large entrance to the cave is only closed by an iron gate, guarded day and night. This provides access to the city’s water supply and sewer system and it is forbidden to enter without permission. Trespassers are publicly executed without trial.
  • Magic and Mayhem
    Due to a grievous history of chaos in the past, and because the Magistrate counsel has designated it’s headquarters there, the laws in Karnos regarding the use of magic are heavily enforced. All sorcery may only be performed with a permit, including bardic magic. The penalties for being caught casting without the proper forms permitting you to do so can range from a steep fine to outright execution. The guards are on high alert, and their armor bears special runes crafted to dampen magic.
  • Home of the Arts
  • Law and Disorder
  • Sacred Fountains
  • The Upper Tier

Al Furaysh, Al Bakrah and Al Jarad

The Haven of Tahtali

Korkuteli and Kayenzi

Cities and Locations

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