Countries and Regions

This page will contain the more well-known information about countries, their capitols and some historical notes and information about the world as a whole.

Geological Locations

  • The Sink
    A true anomaly of nature, in the Northern hemisphere of the Central continent there is a vast sea with no shore. The ground simply drops away from the coast into a depth so great that it is vowed by most that it shall never be explored. The hole is sixty miles in diameter, nearly a perfect circle, and is filled to the lip with icy fresh water making it one of the largest lakes known in the world, particularly considering its boundless depth. The coast is lined with cliffs, some of them towering to great altitudes on the Northeastern side. Adventurers have been known to migrate to the land and dice from the many cliffs into the great blue abyss, which bares no rocks or islands that would make the feat less advisable. The local tribes dwelling in the mountain ranges of the area fear The Sink, claiming there to be some ancient monster laying at the bottom. The legend is that The Sink was once completely frozen, locking the great beast away in this prison by the gods. Now, the ice has melted and every few months the earth trembles as clouds of bubbles arise from the depths below and the locals believe that soon the great beast will awaken to ravage the world again. Some say this is because the gods have abandoned the world, and other claim it to be the gods retribution for the naysayers and heretics. No matter the cause, the area has seen much less visitors diving from the cliffs.
  • The Highpine Mire
    Few places in the world are as mysterious as the Highpine Mire, named for its towering and ancient pine trees that some say are older than the marsh itself. How the trees have managed to linger so far beyond their lifespan is beyond the grasp of ecologists and magicians alike, but it has long been believed that the forest was once the dwelling place of an ancient goddess of life named Edenth. Legend tells that the spiteful god Kale, thought to be her brother, cursed her and turned the lands into a sickly mire. However, the trees remained tall and full of life and there is no question that the region is potent with magic. Adventurers must beware this place, however. Not only is the swampland dangerous for that reason, but the mire is also home to a thick fog that seems to make any travelers hallucinate when trapped within it.
  • Eerue’s Breath
    Taking over a vast expanse of the central continent is the greatest desert know to the planet, named Eerue’s Breath. The wasteland may have once had a different name, but time and legend saw fit to dub it after the ancient god of destruction and fire. The reason is because of the desert’s long standing mystery of what causes its daily bout of heated wind to come roaring across the dunes. This happens like clockwork every day at sunset. A powerful gust of wind sweeps across the desert from somewhere in the center, carrying with it an intense heat and clouds of sand. All inhabitants that dare live in the desert know to shut their doors to this phenomenon, as being caught outside when it happens is a sure way to meet a gruesome death.
  • The Singing Isles
    Off the Northwestern coast of the Central continent are a tight cluster of isles made up of slender rock spires. They are named the Singing Isles because the constant wind that blows through them from the ocean weaves through the tight cracks and porous rocks to create sharp, constant whistling noises of varying register. Some find the sound to be beautiful, but it can become very intense in high winds and even deafening. There are no known sentient inhabitants of the isles.

The Ruling Empires

Taethian Empire


The Kingdom of Pyce

Maressi Empire

Roving Tribes

Countries and Regions

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