Gith enforcer


Aries is a tall athletic humanoid with sleek, green, amphibian-like skin flaked with yellow. He has amber eyes and a long fu manchu style snaking from the corners of his mouth.

He wears simple brown robes with a mesh shirt underneath. Bands of cloth are often seen wrapped around his hands, wrists, and ankles. Hanging from his belt is a light flail and dagger, but he is rarely seen using them.


Nearly 30 years ago, a female Gith by the name Seiara fled to the Crags. Her husband was slain holding off a group of skilled killers. His sacrifice allowed her to escape to the mountainous regions. It was there she had had her son. Seiara was sick, and had been even before she fled from her would-be assassins. She didn’t know what to do for her son but hand them off to a Juyan temple hidden nearby.

The Juyan monks are individuals that believe not in spirits, gods, or goddesses, but in the spirituality of simple living. They have eschewed all but basic possessions and technologies. They live a life of hard days labor and evening revelry. When not laboring or feasting, they also train rigorously in martial arts as both an exercise in labor, and in discipline. It was there that Aries, the young boy, had trained for nearly half his life. He took to the drink as early and easily as he took to his training, but he cared little for hard labor.

Sometime around his 14th birthday, the temple was attacked, not by one or two attackers, but by a small elite force and a gigantic beast. The force had slipped into the compound under the cover of darkness and during one of the Juyan Monk’s largest feasts of the year. Those that were too intoxicated to fight were slain by the assassins, and those that were not, were slain by the beasts. Aries had managed to escape by hiding in the wells. When he emerged, the temple was ruined and his family was dead.

When he had descended the Crags, Aries found a caravan. Claiming to be a beggar, he hitched a ride with them. It was during this trip that misfortune struck him again. The caravan was attacked, not by assassins, but a group of highwaymen. Most of the fighters were slain defending the traders, but when they saw Aries’ great skills they decided to capture him.

It took much time and manipulation to transform Aries from prisoner to willing employee. In the end it was as simple as offering him a drink.

Now he works for the Invincible Kings, a growing gang in the cities led by Lord Esther. Lord Esther is the only member of the nobility within the gang, and its leader. The gang’s true business is unknown to Aries. He only breaks legs, bloody noses, and delivers packages. He certainly doesn’t ask any questions. Regardless of the King’s primary business, they seem to have an impressively tight leash on a man who has been known to crush a man’s throat by accident.


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