Isaac Blake

deaf noble boy, burgeoning healer


Isaac Blake is a 17-year-old human noble from the city of Karnos. While not exactly sheltered, most of his experience comes from books, not practical experience, so he lacks a certain real-world sensibility about a lot of things. Even with the use of magic so heavily regulated, his father, possessing some arcane powers himself, has encouraged Isaac’s study of the arcane arts, so Isaac’s come to develop something of a fledgeling healing ability. Practice is hard to come by, though, so he hasn’t developed it very far. His rank grants him all the leeway he needs, though, and ample ability to provide proper paperwork…and a bit of bribery should he not have it immediately available.

Isaac’s of average height for his age and slim build, with mousy grey-brown hair that hangs in floppy curls and grey-green eyes. He’s a bit pale for someone who dwells at the edge of the desert, but blame it on a life lived mostly indoors (and questionably some Elven heritage on his father’s side). He has freckles, pierced ears, a pierced eyebrow, and a few tattoos, markings of pedigree and prestige. He dresses in fine garments of light, bright colours, silks and linens, adorned with silver and glass, loose-fitting and comfortable—appropriate both for surviving the heat and for occasionally climbing the shelves in the library.


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Isaac Blake

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